Hi all,

I have a couple questions with the address being deprecated.

We handle dozens of Shotgun sites, and are often working with clients on their Shotgun issues. I understand the URL is better for your capture system but it’s helpful for us that if the client submits a ticket to you that we are also on that ticket. It seems that if the user is not logged in as an existing user, it doesn’t give the option to add CCs. Similarly, it doesn’t give an option to add additional CCs, or remove them if someone complains about being CCd on a ticket. Is there a way to make that feature available to everyone?

If not, can we turn on a custom support email address or URL for our company to share with our clients? I think you’re using Zendesk also, so another option is we could link our Zendesks under the hood.

It also doesn’t allow pasting of images, which you could do with the emails, perhaps there’s a way of changing that?



Hi Den,

Thanks for the question. You’re not the only one asking about this and I get that it is less convenient - especially for those who’ve developed the habit of “emailing support”.

What we’ve found is that we were getting about 60% of our requests via email. Many of those come from gmail or other services, and frequently without enough information to know what client we’re talking to or even what site they are referring to. It also opens us up to extra spam we need to clear out.

Our intention is to reduce the amount of back and forth we need and to make sure the tickets map to the proper organizations. This will allow us more time to actually work on our clients’ issues as we need less time administering tickets in the background.

Once the ticket is created, there is an email thread that is generated and you can use that if you prefer. Also, when logged in, there is the option to attach files and cc people. Our hope is that people will log in to the support site and can then use all the features.

For your specific needs around working with multiple clients and sites, we should discuss and come up with a plan that works for you and your team.



Thanks, Matt!

We’d love to talk about something for our company which makes support easier for our common clients.

As for the general thoughts, I think you have the option to CC even when not logged in, I suggest enabling that; I think you can also turn on the ability to change the CCs later in the ticket. Also pasting of images is part of ZD’s standard setup, I recommend turning that on too!


Hello @dennisserras,

Thank you for bringing this up. Where do I find more information about this step? I wasn’t aware of these changes.

Thank you,

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