Crew planning hickup error

Hi, one of my managers have stumbled upon an issue with her Crew Planning.When crew planning is being opened in new window she gets a spinning ball and error at the end.

read failed (reason_code 10): Read failed for entity type [HumanUser]: PG::InvalidDatetimeFormat: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type date: “” LINE 1: … OR UNBOOKED_DAYS(, DATE(‘2019-12-31’), DATE(’’) ) > 0 … ^ : [“SELECT,, a.image_id, a.department_id, a.sg_status_list, a.filmstrip_image_id FROM human_users a LEFT JOIN display_name_caches b ON ( b.entity_type = $1 AND b.entity_id = a.department_id ) WHERE ( ( ( ( ( ( ( a.department_id IN ( 8,9,2,10 ) ) ) AND ( LOWER(a.sg_status_list) = LOWER($2) ) ) ) OR UNBOOKED_DAYS(, DATE(‘2019-12-31’), DATE(’’) ) > 0 ) ) ) AND a.retirement_date IS NULL ORDER BY LOWER(b.display_name) asc NULLS LAST, LOWER( asc NULLS LAST, asc LIMIT 500 OFFSET 0 /* request_id=133e51fff0b8aa8b36123b4b2aeb234e */”, [“Department”, “act”]]

Is there an option for me to reset crew planing dates set to default for that user ?? or even entier config for crew planing - but just for one specific user.

thanks in advance

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Hey Flint,

Sorry to hear you’re getting an error. It does sound like there’s some sort of invalid date cached in the page. There’s a couple of things they can try, in escalating order:

  1. Have them log out of Shotgun, then back in. That clears any saved session variables. If that doesn’t work…
  2. Log out, then clear the browser cache/cookies for the Shotgun site and log back in again.

Let me know if either of those resolve the error for them.

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Hi Brandon,

All those tricks did not work I’m afraid. I had to delete the user completely and create new one.

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Ah darn, sorry you had to go with the nuclear option :exploding_head:. If you see this sort of thing happen again send me your site URL and affected user as a PM, and I can look into it for you.