8.24 Release Notes

Release date: April 20, 2021

In case you missed it…

We released the following updates since 8.23:

Selectively turn off Inbox, My Tasks, and Media for your site

We’ve recently migrated the Inbox, My Tasks, and Media functionality to be “apps”, much like Review Notes and Screening Room.

By default you should not notice any change to how Shotgun works (as all three will continue to be enabled), but if you’re so inclined you’ll now be able to head over to the “Manage Apps” item in the apps menu and disable any of them site-wide or by permission role if you prefer. (Monday April 26, 2021)

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue when a calculated field’s name would exceed 63 characters and SQL parser could throw ‘Invalid identifiers’ error. [SG-22168]
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  • Improvements to Shotgun team processes. (Thursday April 29, 2021)

Bug Fix

  • SSO: When auto-provisioning is disabled, adding a new person now skips the invitation flow. [SG-20822] (Monday May 3, 2021)

Bug Fix

  • Query fields now properly display in threaded entity detail pages. [SG-22288] (Tuesday May 4, 2021)


  • When creating Booking from the Crew Planning App, the Creation Form now includes the “Status” field. [SG-22197]
  • When creating Booking, the Creation Form now includes the “Status” field. [SG-22196]
  • If previously unchanged, the Booking entity status field default value is updated and now “Confirmed”. [SG-21344]

Bug fix

  • It’s now possible to save the Global Booking Creation Form. [SG-21222] (Wednesday May 5, 2021)

Bug Fix

  • Fixing UTC date issues in Graph Widget’s tooltips. [SG-19498] (Thursday May 13, 2021)

  • Improvements to infrastructure to better and more reliably update Shotgun. (Monday May 17, 2021)

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper rendering of linked entity thumbnails on pages of connection entities (eg: from pages of AssetShotConnections) [SG-17019]