BUG: Activity Feed Note / Attachment Format


Did something change with the format of notes in the activity stream today? Now, when a note without an attachment is made, it shows in the proper note format, but when a note with an attachment is made, it is shown as text only:activity-stream-notes

Perhaps this corresponds with release



Same issue here.

Same issue here too.
Please fix it.

Hi @stavernia,

This is a regression bug [SG-21255] that snuck in release 8.21 - we are working towards a fix and will update when it’s good to go!

Apologies for the inconvenience.



UPDATE: We will be rolling back the feature that caused this bug as it is proving complex to fix on a tight timeline - we know this issue is a pain. We should have this rollback completed soon. I’ll update here when I know more!

Hi all,

I just wanted to inform you that this attachment display bug has been fixed and you should see it in your most recent release of 8.22. Notes now display in Activity Stream like feeds and detail pages with the correct Note/Attachment view, as well as an additional update to tell you an attachment was added as in the image below.

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 2.13.57 PM

Sorry for the inconvenience while you waited!



Caveat: Notes w/attachments created during the time of the bug (around Feb 17 AM to Feb 23 AM PST) will still display incorrectly, ie: the Note Detail view will be missing in the Activity Stream and you will only see the Attachment event statement. If you want them to display in full, you will have to delete the old Note and recreate it again w/ attachment.

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