Best asset slot for rendered edit?

We have asset slots for shots, fx, props, setPieces etc, all great. We have our editor compiling layout playblasts into a single edit and writing out an mp4. I asked him to upload it to shotgun so everyone can easily access it, he asked what asset he should publish to.

I shuffled my feet, mumbled something, then ran here to ask this question. Where should we save that rendered edit sequence to?

Just for context, I found the ‘cut’ section, and i know we could load an edl, have rv fire up shots in context etc, but that wont take into account whatever stuff edit can do quickly for full context like title overlays, dissolves, retimes etc etc…

It’s easy for the editor to write out an mp4, do that maybe once a day, I’m sure there’s a asset slot in shotgun to put those things… but I can’t find it…




Hi @mestela

Thanks for writing in, we’ll be happy to help out here.

Our first point of call would be to point you towards the cuts entity and the import cut tool, while there are some drawbacks like you’ve mentioned, i should note that even though things like dissolves, transitions etc cannot be tracked in Shotgun, the import cut tool still uploads a .mp4 to act as the base layer and links it to that cut entity in Shotgun. That rendered base layer movie would still include any transitions, dissolves etc, it’s just you wouldn’t be able to track those with data in Shotgun.

However, regardless of if you use this tool, I should note that it doesn’t really matter where you upload this edit reference to, it’s more what works best for you. A version in Shotgun can be linked to any entity that has versions enabled, but since it is an edit, it may make sense to link that version to the sequence entity.

Do you think that might work for you? If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



You might consider making a “non-deliverable internal”-shot entity for performing work, or publishing-to for things that are either related to more-than-one, or no “regular production deliverable”-shot.

eg. you’ve for shots projectA-seq1-001, projectA-seq1-002, etc for delivery to the client, so do work applying to all of the ‘seq1’-shots as projectA-seq1-cut

This pattern works well for Tasks and other issues where someone may need to store or share to an entity, just like a shot, esp. if they’re like to use the same workflow as they’re used to in a shot.

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Thanks for the answers Andrew and Doug! You folk really have an amazing turnaround time for forum questions, if you’re not careful I’m gonna end up asking a lot more things. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will have a play with these ideas, both sound like the stuff I was looking for.




Follow up questions:

  1. When you say “the import cut tool still uploads a .mp4 to act as the base layer and links it to that cut entity in Shotgun” I assume that base layer movie is linked to the cut as a version of the cut? And recorded in the versions entity? Is that correct?