Best way to store scripts elements (dialogs, actions...)?


first of all I’m pretty new at the admin side of Shotgun.
I need to store some extracts of the script of a movie within my shotgun project scene or sequence entities , That’s pure text data, could be copy-pasted from final draft or msWord. It would be great if I can keep the formatting (for locations, characters, dialogs)

how can I display that kind of big chunk of formatted text with Shotgun ?


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really, no answear ?
no way to display a paragraph of text into a large text field, more or less as it looks in FinalDraft ?

Hey Fab,

I’m curious how others are solving for this as well (if at all). A few things come to mind:

  1. I’ve traditionally seen dialogue and action stored as text fields at the Shot-level (vs. at the Scene/Sequence-level). At this granularity, you’ll be less dependent on the formatting being perfect. Instead, you’ll have quick reference to the dialogue/action for any given shot and be able to search on dialogue/action to find the shots you’re looking for.

  2. What do you think about leveraging Versions? If you’re not interested in tracking shot-by-shot dialogue/action, and instead want easy reference to pages of the script for reference/readability, you could create a multi-page PDF for a given scene/sequence in your script, upload PDF to Shotgun as a Version, and link it to a Scene or Sequence entity. Note: I did not expect this to be a good idea when writing this, but I just did a test, and… was surprised. I think this is your answer.


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Hey Stephen,
Thanks for your advices!
About the seq/shot level and the granularity I agree with you but we are quite early in the production, we don’t have a complete animatic yet and we are mostly working at the sequence level.
I like the pdf idea. that solves nicely the Shotgun part of the problem. Now I have to figure how to automagically split a FinalDraft document into multiples pdf docs…