Best practice to handle plate and setup shot list?


What is the best practice/recommended setup/workflow, when you are turned over Plate in .exr files ? Is there a step by step recommended start up guide.

Something like this ?
For example

  1. Manually put .exr files on the server into sequences and shots folders (somewhere outside shotgun).
  2. Open nuke, and write .exr files via shotgun write node, so it write into the correct shot folder in shotgun directory.
  3. Publish .exr, so it generate a streamable media on shotgun site.

Another question
How do you create sequence and shots, and enter shot information, as frame range, handles ? Do I have to do it manually on each one ? isn’t there some thing like EDL import or something ? we can just automate this process ?

In short, is there a way to auto-populate sequences and shots, then associate the plates with it ?

Thanks a lot


Hi @Sun,

You can use HIERO from The Foundry for Shot management and ingestion, take a look at the following video:

And yes, you can import cuts (EDL) into Shotgun



Hope this helps,


Well. I don’t have Hireo. Is there another way ? Where do you recommend to store the original plate .exr file under shotgun project directory or completely separate ?