Automation help - how to?

Shotgrid API - I need to automate copying artist name from one task assigned to field to reviewer of another task where these two tasks are connected to different entites which are interlocked. Note this cannot be done by event trigger as these names are entered previously. Is there any other way on doing this. I am trying using postman but I dont know how to find the task which are interlinked indirectly.

  1. Every animation is connected to cinematics using a multi entity field.
    2.Cinematics has a summary task which is assigned to an artist who should review the animation connected to the respective cinematics.
  2. Therefore all the animation task should be have the above cine artist has the reviewer.
  3. How to do this as I cannot use event trigger setup as the assigned to field is filled in previously.
    Thanks in advance.

If all these tasks exist already and this process only has to happen once, then best bet is to export the task data to Excel and then massage the data for reimport to the Animation tasks.
Export the Cinematics summary tasks as csv including the field linking the Cinematic entity to the Animation.
Keep the Cinematic Task assignee, rename the column to Reviewer, and reimport just the reviewer field to tasks using the Animation entity and Task name as keys

Not all. There will be more future projects where we need this to be done.

Then you may want to implement this as a Event Daemon plugin instead, and trigger activity by updating the Animation Tasks with something innocuous like a Tag (it can be an additional event trigger that is later removed once you have caught up existing Tasks)

Thanks schicky… I think this will work for now. :slightly_smiling_face: