Custom import media in bulk import dialog

Okay bare with me, I’m not a python coder, and I may need to hire someone who is.

I have a general bulk record import customization that I need to hash out.

  1. I have a spreadsheet that has the following in separate columns.
    1a. Shot names
    1b. Shot description
    1c. Task name
    1d. Task bid hours.

  2. I also have a folder full of editorial clips as .MOV files with file names that match the shot names.

With the above information I would like to bulk import and push things into the right areas, but I am currently stumbling with a few things.

  1. I need each matching QuickTime movie to create a “version” for each newly created shot.
    This would query the folder, look to see that there is a shot record with the same name, create a new version, and upload the appropriate QuickTime movie. This would essentially make an animated thumbnail for the shot.

  2. I need the task name to generate a new task, name the task , and assign the task bid hours in the bid field. I don’t want it to have an artist assigned, just an empty task with the amount of time bid , named by they field in the spreadsheet.

Another thing I am struggling with.

I need a way to show the tasks field in the “shots” page.

This would show both the task name, and the artist assigned. This could be two seperate columns. Currently I have a custom field in the shots page, where I have to manually input the artist’s name. This does not currently correlate anywhere else in Shotgrid. Conversely, if I assign a task, that name does not tunnel into the shots page so I can see at a glance who is assigned.

I need a universal column for an assigned artist, that follows through from individual shot records via the task, and is also visible on the main shots page. This would also be an interactive record so the artist is emailed when the shot is assigned.

The status of shots, is not universal across shotgrid.

I would like to have a custom pull-down of options for the status of shots. But this needs to be a global list across all areas of shotgrid. This needs to include the Media tab, so that I can sort by shots that are approved internally. This would allow me to isolate approved shots to show and put into playlists. Currently, the custom drop downs I am using do not correspond to the media page, nor do they show up in the IOS Mobile app.

I just want continuity across all pages, and I can’t figure out how to do that. Anyone have any brilliant suggestions?

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I think most of this is pretty straightforward with some custom coding and perhaps a way to format your ingest documents.

I’ll drop you a message!