Any easy way to add thumbnails to .wav files?

Our audio department (one guy, technically) has started using Shotgun but when uploading .wav files as Versions, there are no thumbnails, which is completely throwing off everyone who’s used to just clicking on a thumbnail to launch the overlay player to review a version. Any easy way to deal with this? (Aside from creating a .txt which reads “Scratch VO”, screen grabbing the text, and then uploading that image manually, which is what I’ve been doing?)


Hi again @jlweiss, unfortunately we haven’t yet built in any features to make audio only files more easily playable like this. Another one to log as an idea on the roadmap site, to add a vote for our Product team to tackle this.

One thing you could consider in the mean time is creating an event trigger to automatically upload a standard “play me” thumbnail to any Versions created from audio files.


Hey @jlweiss - I just came across this as well from another client. I recommended they just upload a generic image to represent a sound clip - once the Thumbnail is manually uploaded, you can click on the Thumbnail to play the media.

Perhaps you could use the Version Type or a specific Tag on the audio version to indicate it’s audio only, and on that Type or Tag event, you could write a trigger to manually upload that generic audio image.

But as Tommy said, I recommend adding it to the roadmap as a feature request under “Submit Idea” as well!



Oh that’s a good idea - I hadn’t thought of going that generic with the image! I’ll give the trigger option a try - thanks!


Why doesn’t adding a thumbnail provide the playback option on audio-only files anymore? Anyone else used to using this workaround only to have stop working?