Playing audio in shotgun

This is probably a feature request… so currently we’re using an excel spreadsheet that has a list of audio files and we have a script in excel that plays the audio file when you put the mouse over the row it is in.

It’d be helpful to encourage the adoption of shotgun and replace the excel file if I could come up with a similar easy way of playing audio. Currently you have to click on the publishedFile entity and then you are redirected to a separate player that plays the audio. It’s not ideal and very limited.

Basically we need the thumbnail image equivalent for audio so that whether it’s a task, asset or published file if you hover over the entity it plays the audio.


Just in case this could be a way of solving audio “problem” - we’re simply using ffmpeg converter to create movie file with waveform out of the audio files. In this case we get playable version linked to original audio Published File.

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Well that almost works… problem is you still have to click on the thumbnail to hear the audio and then it switches to a new page which is less than ideal.

Otherwise it only let’s you scrub the video (no audio playback) while viewing a list of versions or assets.

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