Android app for reviewing Versions

thank you for your reply,
unfortunately the problem still here… I created PAT (generated a token and bind it, status “in good standing”) but never happened different…

have I use legacy login?
Anyway I tried to use both credentials type (legacy login and Autodesk account) but always failed…
any ideas?

the problem could be the dash inside studio’s name??? (I have

we have a dash and the old style url and it still worked last time I checked.
You have to login with the legacy login details.

thank you for your time,
it doesn’t work, i don’t know why, I insert the legacy login, I also changed the password… always credential login failed… can I activate some debug or logs from app?

hi guys, can anyone can help me to debug my error?
thank you

hi ale, sorry for the delayed response and thank you for your continued interest in this app. I will be debugging the issue hope to have a solution rolled out this weekend

thank you man, no problem, i really appreciated your app, its very funny shotgrid doesn’t have a official android app…
anyway, any help it will be appreciated