8.62 Release Notes

Release date: April 23, 2024 ET

We released the following updates since 8.61:

Bug fixes:

Event Log

  • Fixed the event that sets the is_transient value in the Event Log Entry Meta Data field to false when a thumbnail has finished transcoding [SG-34687]

Page - Sort / Group

  • Fixed an issue where grouping data by an entity type field would cause some query fields values display “Calculating…” [SG-34265]

Page - Task View

  • Fixed an issue where selecting “Undo” would remove unintended tasks when adding a task dependency [SG-34781]

Review Notes App

  • Added a check box for each field shown in the review notes app publish form that allows you to:
    a) choose whether the value entered in the form for the given field will overwrite any values in on the notes, or
    b) if the value should only apply to the notes when they do not have an existing value [SG-33593]

  • Field default values apply to the following [SG-17103]:

    • New note forms in the version panel in the review notes app
    • Publish review notes app forms
    • In the review notes app forms (in multiple places, RV, media player, screening room)
      • Note: for the review notes app form, the default values are only applied when it is a new note, but not applied when it is a reply to an existing note

Tracking Settings

  • Fixed an issue where not all user actions would be saved on the Project Tracking Settings page (specifically when changing fields, statuses, and pipeline visibility rules) [SG-18342]
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Tuesday March 7, 2024 ET


Subscription Manager

  • You can view and manage your team subscription details with the Subscription Manager, available in the Apps menu under ADMIN TOOLS. Use the Subscription Manager to view what subscription type is assigned to each user, and change this assignment as required. Learn more about the Subscription Manager here.
    Subscription Manager Apps Dropdown

  • Access admin functionality permission needs to be enabled for users to update subscription information. If this permission is not enabled for users, they will be restricted to a read-only view.


v8.62.0.3966 (Wednesday May 8, 2024 ET)

Bug fixes

Overlay Player

  • Fixed a regression where all the cuts would be played in the overlay player regardless of the mini cuts defined. [SG-35131]


  • Fixed a visual issue, where in some cases trial days left would be different on global navigation bar and on the trial banner. [SG-34486]
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v8.62.0.3982 (Monday May 13, 2024 ET)

Bug fix

Entity Detail

  • Reducing the payload returned by cross-project assets. [SG-33313]
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v8.62.0.3986 (Wednesday May 15, 2024 ET)

Bug fix

Media App

  • Fixed an issue where the user couldn’t drag and drop versions into Playlist in Media App. [SG-35107]

v8.62.0.3991 (Thursday May 16, 2024 ET)


Integration - Licensing

  • For sites on non-tflex subscription: Usage licence are now automatically renewed. The idleness modal dialog that appears every 24 hours should no longer be visible. [SG-34457]

Bug fixes

Review Notes App

  • Fixed an issue where not all layout changes were correctly saved when saving a new layout in the review notes app. [SG-35261]
  • Fixes an issue where the layout would not be fully loaded initially when opening the review notes app. [SG-34902]

v8.62.0.4001 (Friday May 17, 2024 ET)

Bug fix


  • Fixed copying and generating Script key issue. [SG-35109]
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