8.49 Release Notes

Release date: April 21, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.48:

Bug fixes:

Entity Form

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the tab key in Note creation form fields would produce undesirable results. [SG-30027]

Entity Importer

  • Fixed an issue so an error will be displayed on the importer’s last step when a user doesn’t have permission to edit a field on the entity. [SG-25860]


  • Fixed an issue switching between Uppercase and Lowercase with validation rule segments when Allowable Character were enabled. [SG-28980]
  • Fixed an issue where an entity could not be added to a multi-entity field on a connection entity page if entity’s name length exceeded two characters. [SG-29070]


  • Fixed an issue where draft notes being created in the Review Notes App would be filterable with read / unread replies even though they were not published yet. [SG-17756]

Query Fields

  • Fixed a bug that occurred while using floating day filters in query fields. [SG-30325]

Theme Switcher

  • Fixed formatting issues that appeared in the Media App and Client Review Site when switching from light and dark themes. [SG-28939]

Tracking Settings

  • Fixed an issue when Change Project configuration would not inherit all the project tracking setting from a source project. [SG-30065]
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Bug Fix


  • Fixed an issue where Multiple Media Representations (MMR) clips in RV could not be submitted as versions to ShotGrid [SG-30340]
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Bug Fix

Detail Pages

  • Hotfix for the regression of user detail Pages not rendering.
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Fields (Administration)

  • Added “Characters remaining” to calculated field formulas [SG-29235]
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