8.53 Release Notes

Release date: August 1, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.52:


:tada::tada: Statuses

  • We’ve added support to Status fields for displaying Status Names with Icons. Learn more here. [SG-30528]


:tada: Page Views

  • It’s now possible to open Page Views in a new browser tab (Command + Click) or browser window (Shift + Click). [SG-30103]


Bug fixes:


  • Fixed an issue with html escape characters displaying incorrectly when entered on the new entity form. [SG-30782]
  • Restricted the creation of multi-entity field types on connection entities. [SG-24385]
  • Fixed the entity creation form header when accessing new creation forms via URL. [SG-31301]


  • Fixed an issue where text fields would align text incorrectly (specifically when the field name was Country or country). [SG-30785]
  • Fixed an issue where exporting data would produce incorrect column mappings when linked pipeline columns with page summaries were visible on the Page. [SG-30826]
  • Fixed an issue where special characters used in text fields were not escaped properly when wrap text was off. [SG-31294]


  • Fixed an issue where deleting a saved filter would cause “Save view as global Default” to break the default view page filters. [SG-30685]


  • Fixed an issue where Contact Support link would re-direct a user to a not accessible page. [SG-31092]


  • For sites with non-tflex subscriptions, usage licenses are now automatically renewed and the idleness modal dialog that appeared every 24 hours is no longer be visible. [SG-31361]


  • Fixed an issue where a Project could not be used as a template if it had a retired field with a validation rule set. [SG-31327]
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Site Preferences

:tada: Added support for Global Navigation Bar color theming. Learn more here.


Bug fix


  • Added clearer messaging while preventing users from duplicating entities with list field values that no longer exists. [SG-29877]
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Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where searching invalid entities on importer errors would not work on linked fields for timelogs. [SG-31329]


  • Fixed an issue where html characters were not escaped correctly in new entity creation forms. [SG-30782] (Thursday August 17, 2023 ET)


Account Settings

  • Users are now presented with a banner in ShotGrid when their email has been suppressed, and they can unsuppress their email from there. Learn more here! [SG-31041]

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Bug fix


  • Fixed an issue where Analyze Page Performance would not open on a Notes Page when the Attachment field was displayed. [SG-31794] (Monday August 28, 2023 ET)

Bug fixes

Fields (Administration)

  • Fixed an issue where characters were not escaped correctly when creating new entities [SG-31477]

Overlay Player

  • Fixed an issue where the playing back media in the Overlay Player did not work if a site was configured to use non-english language settings. [SG-32050]


  • Fixed an issue entities were not hidden in Linked Fields → Link menu when a user did not have permissions to see it [SG-28925]
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