8.48 Release Notes

Release date: March 14, 2023 ET

We released the following updates since 8.47:

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed an error that occurred when using advanced grouping with multi-entity type fields. [SG-29186]


  • When users without required permissions duplicate an entity, a more detailed error message will be presented instead of failing silently. [SG-29267]
  • Non-admin users without “See all projects” permissions will now be presented with a warning when they attempt to update the Projects field and hidden Project data may unintentionally get overwritten. [SG-28832]


  • The list of users for “Notify when unstable” is now sorted in the Webhooks interface. [SG-24987]

Also in this version: (Tuesday March 14, 2023 ET)

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where entity names exceeding two characters could not be added to a multi-entity fields on connection entity pages. [SG-29070]

Page Design Mode

  • Fixed a bug where the Fields Widget was not editable on a Ticket entity detail page through Design Page Mode. [SG-29722]

Python API

  • Fixed an issue where Tasks could be assigned to an APIUser when they should only have be assigned to HumanUsers. [SG-23185] (Monday March 20, 2023 ET)

Bug fixes:

Entity Form

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the tab key in Note creation form fields would produce undesirable results. [SG-30027]