8.29 Release Notes

Release date: August 31, 2021

We released the following updates since 8.28:


  • Added the ability for administrators to reset a user’s legacy password from the People page on a migrated site. [SG-23528]
  • Enabled field creation on AMIs (Action Menu Items) [SG-11464]
  • Possible to pre-fill the Autodesk Identity email field in the login process by passing a ?email= user@example.com parameter in the URL allowing it to be bookmarked. [SG-23751]
  • Autodesk Identity user invite status is now visible. [SG-23390]

Fixed bugs

  • Solved an issue where email notifications were sometimes missing attachments when creating Notes. [SG-23149]
  • Added back missing Version Name field in the quick search filter on Versions displayed in the Media App. [SG-23503]
  • Made optimizations to the process when re-applying task templates. [SG-21580]
  • Relaxed constraints on sg_status_list changes in the API, as they were only needed when setting the value to act. [SG-23426]
  • Added the missing Cut Name field in the Quick Search filter within the Media App [SG-23373]
  • Fixed an issue which could occur when a page from the Other menu was not rendered properly when narrowing the browser window. [SG-23697]
  • Fixes an overly restrictive permissions issue with creation or activation of a user under Autodesk Identity. [SG-23694]
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Bug Fix:

  • Solved an issue when reapplying a task template with added tasks in the middle of a dependency chain. [SG-23720] (Tuesday September 7, 2021)


  • Added an option to the user settings menu that lets users sign out of Autodesk Identity [SG-23754]

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed an issue with the display of available seat counts on the new Person dialog under Autodesk Identity when using Token Flex entitlements. [SG-22561] (Thursday September 9, 2021)


  • Added a contextual banner notifying an Admin user about a ShotGrid’s current state of migration to Autodesk Identity. [SG-23786]
  • An “Invitation to create Autodesk account expiry date” column is visible now on the People page. [SG-23784]
  • Removed support for ES5 browsers. Users with older browsers that don’t support ES6 will be redirected to an “unsupported browser” page. [SG-19338]

Bug Fix:

  • Added a scroll to menus and sub-menus of the quick search filter. [SG-23606]
  • Fixed the grids refresh button which was not working for summary cells. [SG-22730] (Monday September 20, 2021)


  • Under Advanced in Site Preferences, added a new control to “Skip invite emails when only sent as notification”. When set to “yes”, we will never send invite emails to newly created and re-enabled users when they already have an Autodesk Identity account. For all other users, the standard invite email will be sent. [SG-23648]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from importing people when they exceeded the licenses available. Instead, users will receive a message with instructions on how people will be created but not activated upon importing. [SG-21802]

Bug Fix:

  • Added validation when creating or editing formatting rules. Moving forward, a description and a valid value must be provided upon creating or editing formatting rules. [SG-23795]
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  • Added tooltip messaging on how to purchase ShotGrid and link a site to a subscription, and how to control seats to match subscriptions from the People page. [SG-23532] (Wednesday September 22, 2021)


  • Added new dialog to help ensure that only designated administrators perform the migration to Autodesk Identity. [SG-23956]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a malformed email can prevent access to the Identity Migration tool. [SG-23947]
  • Fixed an issue where the Personal Access Token (PAT) creation date was displayed as “Invalid date” in non-chrome browsers. [SG-23944]
  • Fixed the Page History and Stats page hit focus windows that were missing graph source data. [SG-23828] (Thursday September 23, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue when event logs were not added after a project was created / cloned. [SG-23879] (Monday September 27, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue when a project field could not be saved on a Note entity global form. [SG-23499]
  • Fixed an issue when a field was created as visible to only one project in some cases could be visible to other projects as well. [SG-23003]