12 Bit DPX issue

When I tried to load the 12-bit dpx file in RV it’s not supporting. Can Anyone help me with how to solve this issue.

I guess RV started supporting 12-bit dpx from 6.2.2.

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Hi @Anandhaiyappan_M,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

According to the TECH SPEC of RV, 8, 10, 12, and 16 bit DPX and associated metadata is listed in the supported input. As for the output display, RV supports 8 or 10 bit. Not quite sure though. http://www.tweaksoftware.com/products/specs

Our RV experts will get us a confirmed answer here soon. In the meantime, when you say “it’s not supporting…”, did you get any error message or something in RV console?



hi @Anandhaiyappan_M,

12-bit DPXs should be supported for the most part, but they are a bit strange in how they work. If I recall correctly, they are unpacked as 12-bit and placed into a 16-bit. While this is not lossy, it does require more cache than if 12-bit were natively supported.

We also had some versions that some GPUs did not like the pixel ordering/width of 12-big DPX files.

Are you trying to use a current version of RV to view your DPXs, or are you on an older version?
What GPU does your machine have?
Lastly, what’s the exact error you get? Can you copy and paste it here?



IMHO 12bit DPX were always unreliable, stick to 10bit or 16bit.