Workfiles2 v0.14.0+ UI Tweaks

We recently updated tk-multi-workfiles2 to v.0.14.1(tested v0.14.1 as well). We updated all the frameworks as well.
The UI changes look very odd in Houdini (19.5 and 20/rocky8.9). There’s a white bar/highlight over the file listings, both in icon and list view.

We prefer the UI of the releases prior to v0.14.0, but need to use the python3.10 functionality in the later releases.

1.Can you confirm the UI issues in Houdini?
2.Is there anyway to make the UI look more like it did in v0.13.6? Through settings of some sort perhaps?

Fortunately, it seems as if v0.13.6 works with Houdini 20.0.547 (pytho3.10). We will roll back and stick with the older version.