Workfiles visual issue in some DCCs?

So I’m updating to the latest version of workfiles whilst I also make sure I’ve switched my own tools to be fully Python3. We’ve noticed that workfiles now looks weird:

That’s in 3DS Max 2022. We never used have those odd white boxes.

Things look fine over in Photoshop though:

Also fine over in Nuke:

It’s a problem in Cinema 4D too (don’t have a pic to hand) so it’s not just a Max thing, but I guess it’s some issue between workfiles and some DCC’s, or is this genuinely how things are meant to look now?

Any ideas/solutions anyone? Thanks very much.

Its a problem with the stylesheet, make a support ticket so it can get fixed :slight_smile:

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I’ve made a ticket with them, they’ve accepted it’s an issue and are working on it internally.

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is this the same that Ricardo reported?
Only that for me on linux, the text and background are completely the same color, so not even clear if there is text.


Yes it would appear to be the same issue! Good to see Ricardo reported it on the repository and that Shotgrid have… just ignored it…

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