Workfiles2 not running at Houdini start up?

Hi, I don’t know the reason, but when I open Houdini and save or load a houdini session through SG, the workfiles hooks don’t execute. If I open the file again, It runs. What’s happening and how can I overcome this?

Could you share some more details and some logs?
It might be misconfiguration.

Hopefully, It’s just misconfiguration.
Attached is the yaml for the multi-workfiles, with the houdini part, the scene operations hook (linked in the yaml file) and the log.
I don’t see any errors, but the code for the hook just doesn’t seem to be executed when the app is used for the first time (after houdini is opened).
Log file (can’t attach It).

Processing: log.txt…

If it is happening after starting Houdini, I’m guessing you need to configure workfiles2 for the project environment as well as shot_step.

Nailed It, thanks!
It run in the project context and do the context change without running workfiles in the new context.
Attached the prints from tk-multi-workfiles2 and tk-houdini yaml files.