Why do I get two different SG panels in Photoshop?

Why when I launch Photoshop with the Shotgun integrations do I get two Shotgun Panels. One is called “Shotgun Panel” and the other is called “Shotgun Adobe Panel”?enter image description here

The “Shotgun Panel” panel comes from the old SG Photoshop plugin and the “Shotgun Adobe Panel” comes from the new SG Photoshop plugin.

Please see this topic if you encounter this.

Pre tk-photoshopcc v1.7.0 we used the com.sg.basic.ps plugin, and with v1.7.0 and above we use the com.sg.basic.adobe plugin

photoshop plugin folders

So why do I have two panels?

You have two panels because both the plugins are installed. We do not clean up the old plugin folder because you may have configs that are still using the old plugin. If you no longer wish to use the old plugin you can delete the old plugin which can be found here:

On Mac it can be found here:

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.sg.basic.adobe



So I need still need both but which should I use?

If the project your working on at the time is using a pre v1.7.0 engine, then you should use the “Shotgun Panel”, in fact the “Shotgun Adobe Panel” will be stuck loading.

If your v1.7.0 or higher then you should use the “Shotgun Adobe Panel” and ignore the other one.

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