Shotgun Panel always appears on Nuke Save

This is probably a dumb question, but is there any way to prevent the Nuke Shotgun panel from appearing after saving?

It’s not a big issue, but some of our artists like to save a lot, and it bothers them that the SG Panel pops up and hides their other tabs, even if they’re just using the ctrl+s save.



Hi @rthompson

Hmm that doesn’t sound normal.
So are you saying the Shotgun panel is not visible, then a user performs a save, and then the Shotgun panel app opens?

Or was it that the Shotgun panel app was open already but it just coming to the front or something?


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Hi @philip.scadding

It is my understanding that both are happening as you have described.

The latter is very definitely happening, where the panel is open but not visible before saving, and comes to the front after the save has completed.

The former I’m less certain of, but I know users have described closing the panel in an attempt to prevent the above from happening and were still having issues, so I would say that a new panel is opening on save as well.

Thanks for the help.