Uninstall Shotgrid Adobe Panel(s)

I’m looking to uninstall the Shotgrid Adobe Panel(s). Anyone have any advice on how to do this?

Do you mean you do not want to have the ShotGrid Panel i your adobe apps but you do want the other integrations?

I don’t really need any of the integrations other than RV. I’m not even really sure how the Shotgrid Adobe Panel got installed.

Are you launching your adobe apps via SG desktop?

No I’m just opening them like normal and the Shotgrid Adobe Panels are already installed and open automatically.

I guess if you had previously opened them via a SG integration it will have installed the SG Javascript Plugin for Adobe.

You can uninstall that via the extensions manager if you dont want to use them.

Ah, yes that must be it. I no longer have SG desktop installed. Is the extensions manager an Adobe application or an SG application.

Apologies for my ignorance on this.


Thanks Ricardo. I’ve installed the extension manager but nothing shows up as installed: