Photoshop integration panel is stuck loading! "Some thing went wrong"

When I launch Photoshop with the Shotgun integrations my Shotgun panel is stuck loading.

Also related behaviour, my Photoshop panel errors instead of loading.

How can I debug Adobe/Photoshop “Some thing went wrong” errors?

There could be a number of different reasons for this, and usually, it would be best to start by getting the logs. Enable debugging and also set the SHOTGUN_ADOBE_NETWORK_DEBUG environment variable to 1 before launching. Then replicate the issue, and attach the tk-photoshopcc.log and also attach the contents of the console:
adobe console
One thing you can check is to see if the panel is called “Shotgun Adobe Panel”. If it is, this means the window is coming from the new Adobe plugin.

It’s possible that you may be using an older version of the tk-photoshopcc integration which is pre v1.7.0. In which case there should be a second “Shotgun Panel” also present in Photoshop—you should use that panel and not this one. Refer to this topic in this situation.

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can update your tk-photoshopcc engine in your config to the latest version.

See related QA here.

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