Where are the items in the right click menu generated?

When looking at the shot entities list on a given project you can right click in the space to the left of the shot name and a context menu will appear. In that menu there are a series of items that are apps run through SGToolKit (the ones shown with the green icons)

Where does this list of apps come from? I can find the apps themselves, but where this list of menu items is generated has totally eluded me.
There is this post
Toolkit context munu items
Which indicates that the apps are included in an “all.yml” config file, but I have been unable to locate that .yml
Where should I be looking?

Hi @clint.thorne !

These populated menu items are coming from 2 locations:

  1. Whatever apps are defined for the tk-shotgun engine in your sgtk config. These include for example the “jump to screening room” and “show in file system” entries.
  2. Whatever software entities are defined on your SG site. You can view those if you are a SG site admin, click on your profile picture on the top right and find the “Software” menu entry. There you can define what software can be launched and where the executable paths are located.
    Hope that helps.

PS: the right click menu is somewhat finicky to work with. Changes are often not immediately reflected and sometimes the menu does not display the sgtk items at all. Refreshing the page with F5 a few times helps most of the times.

Thank you for the reply. More information always helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you elaborate at all on finding the aforementioned sgtk configs? I’ve gone through a number of the .yml files under Shotgun/configs/project/ and have been unable to locate anything that seems to actually affect the contents of that right click menu.
Because of what’s reflected in the right click menu itself I assume there’s a specific location that has the text “show in file system” so it can be included in the menu. A setting? A directory name? Something must provide that string to SG so it can be included, right?

I’m pretty sure that I’ve located where this data comes from, however, nothing I do seems to make it change. I’ve tried deleting the browser cache, the python cache for the app, signing out of Shotgrid, shutting down the browser and restarting and logging back in, and numerous combinations and variations of the above. I’ve removed the app from the directory to see if that would remove it from the menu. None of these things affected the menu items. Any suggestions?

I found the answer for anyone else who may be having the same difficulty.
After I had set up my app to match other similar examples, to get my new menu item to show up in the web interface I had to delete or rename the directory found here:


then restart both the web interface and SG Desktop. Once everything finally spins back up the new menu items should be there.