Webhooks Service IP Change - Nov. 19th 2023

Dear community

An upcoming maintenance on the Webhooks Service on Nov. 19th 2023 (time can be found here) will involve a change of the outbound IPs being used to deliver the Webhooks notifications.

Some studios may have put IP network restriction measures on their Webhook delivery endpoints. These studios need to update their configuration to grant access to the new set of IPs listed in our documentation.

Studios not using Webhooks, or not restricting the IPs that can reach their Webhook delivery endpoints can ignore this announcement. In doubt, we recommend you reach out to your ShotGrid Administrator.


Q: I received a banner notification, am I impacted?

A: Not necessarily. Sites who received a banner are those who received a webhook delivery in the last 2 weeks. It is not possible for us to know which sites have an IP network restriction measure in place for their Webhook delivery endpoints. Please speak with your ShotGrid administrator.

Q: I didn’t receive a banner notification, can I still be impacted?

A: Yes. We displayed a banner on sites that received a webhook delivery in the last 2 weeks. If you think you have IP network restriction measures in place for Webhooks delivery endpoints, reach to your ShotGrid administrator so they can update the configuration before Nov 19th.

Q: My studio is not using Webhooks. Do we need to take action?

A: No, you can safely ignore this announcement.

Q: I received the banner but I’m not the right person in the studio to do this network change. Why did I receive the banner and what should I do?

A: There is no way for us to know who is a better person at your studio to make the change so please contact the right person (e.g.: infosec group) for this change to happen before Nov 19th.

Q: Are these Webhooks IPs the same or related to the IPs we put in the SG “allowed list” site preference?

A: No. The site preference is completely independent of these webhooks IPs. The site preference restricts who can access your SG site. The webhooks IPs are for your studio to restrict who can connect to your webhooks end point.

Q: Can I add the new IPs now or do I need to wait for Nov 19th 2023?

A: Yes, new IPs can be added right away. Don’t remove the current IPs - previous IPs remain relevant until the maintenance is completed! Just add the new IPs to your set of allowed IPs. We recommend to wait a few weeks after Nov 19th before removing the old ones.

Q: If I add the new IPs now, will I have to do anything on Nov 19th 2023?

No! You’re good. Thank you for your collaboration.

Q: What will happen if I don’t change anything before Nov 19th 2023?

A: If you are doing IP filtering on incoming webhooks deliveries, deliveries will start failing if your configuration is not updated! We highly recommend you do the change now to avoid this problem.

Q: What will be the exact symptom or visual feedback that I will get with deliveries starting to fail?

A: Each webhook has a status. They will change to unstable when any deliveries have failed, and to failed if enough deliveries fail within 24h. The SG documentation has a good guide on unstable and failed webhook statuses. Additionally, if you setup your webhooks with an email address to be notified when a webhook is unstable (this is done per webhook), then you should receive an email at the chosen address upon the webhook turning unstable. If you receive such an email, you will be instructed to double check your IP network restriction configuration if you happen to have one in place.

Q: Will I receive another communication about this change?

A: No, this is the only communication that is currently planned.

Q: After I do the change of IPs, can I test that everything works fine if I do it prior to the 19th?

A: Unfortunately you cannot test these new IP values before Nov 19th. We are suggesting to test on Nov 20th (or late on Nov 19th).

Q: How will I know that the IPs have been changed by Autodesk?

A: Look at our status page to see if the webhooks maintenance has succeeded but again you don’t need to 1) wait for this before adding the new IPs, we strongly encourage you to do it now, and 2) rush to remove the old IPs after Nov 19th as nobody else will use these old IPs

Q: Is it a guarantee that the change will happen in the estimated maintenance window found here?

A: No there is no guarantee. We always reserve the right to extend (or reschedule) the maintenance window should there be any problem with the maintenance. Again look at our status page to see if the maintenance has been done and has succeeded.


Good morning all. We proceed successfully with this maintenance over the weekend. Should you notice any instability with your webhooks delivery, please refer to the resources listed in the post above. In doubt that something abnormal is going on, please reach out to support.