Versions sorting in Client Review Site

Has anyone figured out a way to sort through the different versions in the Client Review Site? Right now, everything seems to be in random order.
Thanks for your help,


Hi @tvanthuyne,

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You can’t change the order of versions in a playlist in the Client Review Site’s interface. If you want to reorder versions in a playlist, you need to go to the Media page.

  1. You can navigate to the Media page using the Global navigation bar or the project’s navigation bar
  2. Select your project
  3. Select your shared playlist. You can search or browse for your playlist using the left sidebar.
  4. If your playlist is already shared and you want to change its order, you might need to unlock it.
  5. Next, you’ll want to sort your playlist by playlist order.
  6. Finally, you can drag and drop your versions in the playlist to put them in the desired order.

The Client Review will respect any order you set in the Media app when displaying versions to your clients.

Please note that you might want to lock your playlist again if you’ve had to unlock it to edit the version order.

I sure hope this help, Thomas.


Hi @bouchep,

Thanks for your answer and your help. It does help indeed (even if it’s not perfect when you have a hundred versions).



That’s a pretty big playlist!

You can also sort your playlist in the media app by other means and bake that as the sort order if you wish. Maybe that can at least help you get a base ordering down faster.

For example, if your version names are the order you’d like to have in the Client Reivew Site, you can order the playlist by the version name and then choose Save Current Sort As Sort Order from the bottom of the sort menu.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.