Advanced Sorting in Media App

Would anyone else like to see the advanced sorting tool added to the media app?

The fact that the media page can lock playlists sort orders using the “save current sort order as sort order” function is fantastic, BUT the sort order options are only one layer deep and being able to use the advanced sorting like we can in normal shotgrid, would be a massive help.

Alternatively, a similar save sort order option within the version “current playlist” view would work, but I assume that may be more complicated.

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+1 on this.
EX: playlist includes data from multiple sequences, no way to sort chrono if each seq has cut orders starting from zero. Require 1 of these at least:
A. Grouping in media app
B. Advanced sort in media app
C: Save Current Sort as Sort Order function available in non media app playlist view.

Workarounds include:
A: Unique playlists per group of reviewable media
B: Manual playlist sort order data entry
C: csv export/import update to Playlist sort order field

None of the workarounds are a bundle of fun in a fast moving environment.