Playlist Order


Whenever I create a playlist in Shotgun, the order of items always gets inverted. This change does not happen while I have the playlist open, but only after I return to it once several hours have passed. How can I stop this from happening?

Thank you.


Hi Ann,

Are you setting the sort order for the Versions in the playlist?

The easiest way, I find, is to set the order using the playlist view in the Media app in Shotgun.

In addition to drag/drop that the media app provides, it also has a Save Current Sort as Sort Order. Once you set up your sort as you like it, choose that option and it will populate each version in the playlist with a sort order.

Don’t worry though, that sort order is specific to the Version+Playlist, so it will only affect the sort order for the versions for the current playlist.


Hi, Ann :wave:

To add to Kessler’s response above, you can also lock your playlist after you’ve made the updates to the sort order. That should prevent it from changing (unless someone is purposely unlocking the playlist and making changes). Hope that helps! Let us know if you need more info.



Hi Michael and Tram,

I’ll be sure to try both of your suggestions. Thank you!