Vendor Permissions - Account Settings

My vendors are unable to access their account settings in order to manage their email notifications.

I am looking at user permissions but cannot locate a setting for disabling/enabling account settings. I’ve logged in as them and when I attempt to go to their account settings nothing will load.

Can someone please let me know what permission needs to be adjusted in order for a vendor to be able to access their own account settings?


Hi @toddvfx ,

Welcome to the community.

AFAIK, every active users are allowed to configure their account settings. Not sure what you are seeing when you logged in as your vendor users. Maybe you check the js console of your browser and see if there’s any clue.

Did you remove any permission of field on People page? I’m thinking maybe visibility change of any field on People page may fail the loading as venders might show the field on account setting page.

Sorry, cannot be more helpful with limited access to the situation.


Thanks for the swift response Ben.

I did not set up the account nor the permissions but this is what I see/the vendor sees when they attempt to view their account settings. The rest of my team as well as those assigned to as “Artist” are able to view their account settings but nothing for our vendors…

All they can see is the spinning circle which would indicate something is loading but it never loads…

Seems something is blocking the page from loading. By default, there are f irst Name, Last Name , Email, Login, Home Page and Password Reset options there. Let’s if you set the one of your Shotgun as the home page for all vendor users, and then you remove that page, it may cause what you are seeing here.

Definitely need Shotgun friends to hop over your site and take a closer look at it.