User accounts and crew planning

We’d like to use the crew planning feature more for our site, but we’d like to know how it interacts with the new Autodesk account licencing model.

If we have a new crew joining the company in three months time for a bit project and want to create users for them in Shotgrid so they can be added to crew planning and tasks, are we required to pay for an Autodesk account for the three months prior to them actually starting work?

In the old system we’re aware that the billing worked in more of a loose way which might have supported the above approach, but it would be good to understand the indented workflow for crew planning going forward.



Also interested in this.

Same here

I believe if you add people as disabled they will appear in the Crew planner but they won’t consume any seat license

(Ales) Can we get confirmation of that? We plug in lots of inactive people who will never use Shotgun, but we need to represent them for tracking.

why don’t you try it yourself? add an inactive user and see that the number of seats has not decreased. Just don’t forget to turn off the filter on the People page, which filters out inactive users by default. As email don’t use any email so no invitation will be send.

Hey, Yeah adjusting the filters to show disabled users does work…for now.

I’m still a bit curious to know about how disabled users interacts with the Autodesk account though.

I don’t think they can interact without invitation. Disabled users can’t login to ShotGrid but you can have them assigned in your tasks though. Once you will have the job and user just make him active, update his email. Invitation will be send and access will be granted. If you wanna see status of Autodesk Account for such user just add column “Autodesk Account Status” in People page and you will know it

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