'Use as another user' for desktop app

Hi there!

When I use the option ‘Use as another user’ in SG, I get a pop up from the desktop app asking me to login as the other user. But I do not have the other user’s credentials. So, how am I supposed to use this feature with the desktop app?


Hi @carlo.giesa

The Use as another user in ShotGrid is meant for ShotGrid admins to debug and resolve user issues in the Web app. It is not meant as a way to work with ShotGrid.

So this is not available for DCC plugins nor the ShotGrid Desktop.

If you are trying to resolve issues in a DCC as a user, create yourself a new ShotGrid user with your email but with the same Permission Group as the user you are trying to help.

When logging in ShotGrid (in the Web app or in SG Desktop) you will be presented a chooser to select which version of your user you want to use (your original admin or the user you created for tests).

Using an Admin user in a SG Desktop or in a DCC plugin to do actually creation work is not recommended.


Hi Patrick!

Hey thanks for the hint. I will check this out. I did not know that we can create multiple SG users with the same email.