Updating a tasks due_date with the shotgun python api deletes the task (FIXED)

Hello Forum! I’m currently having issues with my ShotgunEventDaemon. Hoping I can get some help here :slight_smile:

The purpose of my script is to:
If a user updates there task status to “In Progress”, then set the start_date of that task to the current date.
If a user updates there task status to “Final”, then set the due_date of that task to the current date.

I’ve setup the script and everything seems to work fine until I change a task status to “Final”, for some reason whenever I do this, the entire task is deleted.

Here’s my code:

import os
import logging
import pprint
import datetime
from datetime import date

def registerCallbacks(reg):
    eventFilter = {'Shotgun_Task_Change': ['sg_status_list']}



#This function will only run if Shotgun Daemon System catches a Task Status Change
def taskStatusGanttChart(sg,logger,event,args):
    task_due_date = sg.find_one("Task", [["id", "is", event['meta']['entity_id']]], ['due_date'])
    due_date = task_due_date['due_date']                                                            #Get Tasks Due_Date
    task_start_date = sg.find_one("Task", [["id", "is", event['meta']['entity_id']]], ['start_date'])
    start_date = task_start_date['start_date']                                                      #Get Tasks Start_Date
    today = date.today()
    tomorrow = today + datetime.timedelta(days=1)                                                   #Get today and tomorrows current date
    #If the task was "Waiting to Start" and has been changed to "In Progress" then update the start_date to today
    if event['meta']['new_value'] == 'ip' and event['meta']['old_value'] == 'wtg':
        if(str(today) != str(start_date)):
            sg.update('Task', event['meta']['entity_id'], {'start_date': today})
    #If the task is updated to "Final" then update the due_date to the current date
    if event['meta']['new_value'] == 'fin':
        if(str(due_date) != str(today)):
            sg.update('Task', event['meta']['entity_id'], {'due_date': today})

Ok so it turned out, someone had turned the filter to ONLY display tasks that were “Waiting to Start” and “In Progress”. They were never deleted just not displaying, silly me :smiley: