Is it possible to set Status field to change the start and end date?


I’m looking for a way that when I change the task status from “Waiting to Start” to “In Progress”, the start date of that task changes to “today”. And also when I change the task status from in progress to final, the end date changes to “today”.

Does anyone have a clue to help me out on this search?

Thanks =)

Hey @Jamespm31 ,

I know this is something the EventDaemon can definitely do; I don’t adjust the original start/due dates, but I do use the change of a specific status to imprint that date into a separate “Actual Start” column, but you can configure the plugin to point to whatever field you want.

The event daemon comes with a custom plugin called datestamp that you can use, and I found them not too tricky to configure, even with very little python experience.