Update existing fields using bid importer?

Hi Team,
Is there an option when using the bid importer to update existing descriptions and bid times instead of creating new shots and tasks?

Looking to update a number of shot descriptions and bid times that were incorrectly imported but work has started.

Is this possible ?


Hey @Kayblah1—welcome to the community!

The importer allows you to both create and update data in Shotgun. So, yes, this is possible!

The process is pretty similar to importing new data—except you tell the importer to use a field to check Shotgun if the data exists and then update with the supplied info. For example, search for the Shot Code field and update the Description and Bid Times.

This video covers the entire importer process from creation to updating data.

Give it a view and let us know if that gets you want you need! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This is super helpful.
When I do these steps to update an existing task bid time, it still wants to create a new task versus updating an existing task. Is there a way to overwrite that?


Hi @Kayblah1,

Since tasks typically share the same names, I’d recommend exporting the Tasks you imported and using the Task ID to find any existing assets to update them.

Initially, if you created a new page based on your import, you can find that page in your pages dropdown:

If you didn’t create that page upon your initial import—don’t sweat it! You can also just export from your task page instead of through the imported page. You may just want to filter by date created if you have a lot of tasks. Exporting from the imported page will just isolate the exact tasks you created in your import.

  1. Export the Tasks you need to update, along with the columns you’ll be updating. So if you’ll be updating the bud field, make sure that column is present in your export. Ensure that the id column is in your export.

  2. Copy and paste the updated bid information into the bid column (on your newly exported spreadsheet).

  3. Then, import the Tasks from the same spreadsheet with the updated data.

  4. Walk through the steps.
    Step 2: Map column names - make sure that the id column is being imported.
    Step 3: Specify ID - make sure that the id checkbox is checked.
    Step 4: Preview - review the updates, then import.

Now, all of your Tasks will be updated based on their ID.

Let us know how this works out!


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Awesome - thanks so much. I’ll try this out