How do I bulk update a lot of records that I already have in SG?

You can bulk update different records that you already have in Shotgun, but to get a better idea: here is an example how to add timecodes in the timecode column on the shots page if you already have the data in.

To do so you need to use the More > Import Shots menu on a Shots page.

ā€¢ First you need to create a spreadsheet of all the Shots you would like to add the timecode in for. This can be done by filtering a Shots page to show only the shots that you want to update, then go to More > Export to Excel (CSV) to quickly create a CSV with the Shot Code and Timecode field in place.
ā€¢ Open that spreadsheet, add the timecodes associated with each Shot


ā€¢ Go back to your Shot page and select More > Import Shots
ā€¢ From here you can drag your completed spreadsheet into the importer (or copy and paste the data from your spreadsheet to the window)
ā€¢ Make sure that your timecode field aligns to the correct field in SG

ā€¢ Choose the Shot Code field as your ID field in Step 3: Specify ID and
ā€¢ Finish the steps and you should be good to go!