Unreal plugin not working!


When I launch Unreal from Shotgrid Desktop like so:

I have the plugin enabled in UE4 and can see it in my toolbar. But when I click it, nothing happens. No response at all.

Here’s the UE4 output log. I can’t diagnose what the errors mean; I’m a bit stuck. Anyone know what the cause of this is?

This is a problem with authentication - it is trying to provide a command-line auth prompt, which does not work when the terminal is connected to Unreal - it is not interactive.
I’d try logging in on the website before opening. Not sure it’d work, though.

Thanks for the insightful response. Unfortunately I was already logged into the Shotgrid website when this happened, so no joy there.

I managed to find a solution to this, or at least a workaround. After some poking around in the Shotgun support docs I created a toolkit.ini file here (obviously I edited out the username!):

With only the username and my site inside like this:

and it seems to work consistently! Hurrah!

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