Unlinking Tasks under the same Pipeline Step?

In our studio we currently have three animation tasks under the Animation Pipeline step.
Is there way to Unlink these from eachother so if we need to mass-update 1/3 animation tasks it does not automatically update all tasks under that step?

I’ve tried filtering and custom filtering - which works on the Tasks page but not on the Shots page.

Thanks in advance!

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Why wouldn’t you just use the Tasks page to do the mass update? That seems like the logical spot to perform such an action, and you’d be able to filter by shots or other things you needed to filter by. I may not understand your question completely so maybe a screen shot would help?


I agree with @jlweiss - Use a Tasks page to multi-edit your Tasks. Use your filters to limit your search to only the Animation Tasks you want to update. The key here, is to make sure that the 3 animation Tasks under your Animation Pipeline Step have unique names so you can “seperate” them using filters by Task Name if needed.