Tk-nuke-quickreview : custom


I need to take over this module to modify quick review status at version creation:

I already took over env/includes/settings/tk-nuke-quickreview.yml with custom and in
  template_output: nuke_shot_render_mono_mov
  settings_hook: "{config}/tk-nuke-quickreview/"
  # events_hook: "{self}/"
  events_hook: "{config}/tk-nuke-quickreview/"
  location: ""

How can I make tk-nuke-quickreview.yml point to my file?


afaik You cannot do this without forking the app. It is not a hook to be overridden, but a part of the application.
The process is:

  • create git checkout of the app
  • perform your changes
  • point to the git checkout

Okay, is there a simpler way to modify the created version default status ? It is currently “rev”, but I want to set something else.