Nuke Quick Review Version incremental Control

Hello I am a bit new with how to setup Nuke Quick Review. The Default seems to scan the current Nuke file and extract the sg_version_name from the File name. I was Wondering is there a way To tweak the code so there is a incremental Control for every Quick Review it posts? By looking at what is already inside of The shotgun media versions? (So it does not override itself and make a version submission in shotgun with the same name)

Any direction will be useful!


If you’ve taken over the pipeline configuration and are comfortable with custom hooks (Administering Toolkit – Shotgun Support), you might want to take a look at the hook for the tk-nuke-quickreview app. It exposes a get_title() method that can be used to set the version name to anything you want it to be:

    def get_title(self, context):
        Returns the title that should be used for the version

        :param context: The context associated with the version.
        :returns: Version title string.

Once you’ve overriden the hook, you can decide to either completely divorce the sg_version_name from the file version. Some options that come to mind include using a date/timestamp to arrive at a unique version name, or simply have an incrementing version number (you’d need to a SG query to find the last version created in the context and parse the version number out of the name).
If however you want to keep the nuke file and version number in lock-step, you’d need to perform an auto-save increment on the nuke script in the hook (which may prove irritating to your artists and largely defeats the “quick” part of the app).