Can devs modify the code in the install directory?

Most of the tutorials and documentation imply that only the <project>/config/... can be modified to customize a pipeline. But some of our needs require modifying <project>/install/...

Can this be done? Is there a problem with this?

The correct way to do this is to fork the shotgun apps. The fork can be loaded either from the local filesystem, or from github. Let us say we do the former:

  • Clone from github
cd z:/shotgun_apps
git clone
  • Perform the changes you need in the app/engine
  • Change your configuration to point to the fork - for instance search for where the tk-blender location is defined in your config - might be in shot_step.yml, or a more specific file. It depends on what config you started from. Say we use a local path:
      type: path
      windows_path: "z:/shotgun_apps/tk-blender"
      linux_path: "/mnt/projects/apps/tk-blender"

If you upload your fork to e.g. github, you could point to the repo with a git descriptor

      type: git
      path: ""
      version: 1.2.3

Iā€™m sure there is more information on this on the forum and in the docs.

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Would this be the sort of approach needed to hijack the default open/save/publish behaviors to ignore the default schema, as well?

Not sure what you mean by this. Hooks are in the config folder, which may be coming from git already. (we use a centralized config). Overriding a hook usually means writing the new hook (in the config/hooks folder), and modifying the config to use this hook. That is if the behavior you are targeting is run in hooks.
If you want to hack the tk-multi-workfiles2 app itself (e.g. because something is not available in a hook), then you use the above approach, yes.