How to use app toolkits not in my config dir?

A bit of a noob question I guess:
I downloaded tk-config-basic-1.4.2 and set SG desktop to that config.
there is only tk-config-basic-1.4.2\hooks\tk-multi-launchapp in the config directory.
if I want to modify tk-maya, where do I get it and where do I put it?

can I grab it form a default config’s appstore?
Where does it go after that? inside tk-config-basic-1.4.2\hooks ?

You want to modify tk-maya or hooks for it?

I want to stop SG from hijacking our Maya project setting, wherever that occurs.
My local config hooks folder only has on python file:

where do I get the other hooks I need?

I followed the code and see that it is using _set_project(self) in

which looks for "template_project" in

which looks for "asset_work_area_maya" or "shot_work_area_maya" in

which looks in
at this yaml blob

# Maya

# define the location of a work area
    definition: '@asset_root/work/maya'
# define the location of a publish area
    definition: '@asset_root/publish/maya'
# The location of WIP files
    definition: '@asset_root/work/maya/{name}.v{version}.{maya_extension}'
# The location of backups of WIP files
    definition: '@asset_root/work/maya/snapshots/{name}.v{version}.{timestamp}.{maya_extension}'
# The location of published maya files
    definition: '@asset_root/publish/maya/{name}.v{version}.{maya_extension}'

so my question is:
can I just put null for these and have SG leave the Maya project settings alone?