Taking over tk-nuke-quickreview

Hi there,

I want to take over the settings of this app.
Following this post, I created tk-nuke-quickreview.yaml in config/env/settings :

- ../app_locations.yml

  settings_hook: "{config}/tk-nuke-quickreview/settings.py"
  events_hook: "{self}/events.py"
  location: "@apps.tk-nuke-quickreview.location"

and set settings.py in the correct folder.

The problem is: the app does not seems to care about this new tk-nuke-quickreview.yaml file:


I’m not sure about the last instruction from Tannaz’s post:

Change references to tk-multi-setframerange throughout your environment configuration to point to this file instead of app_locations.yml .

Am I supposed to change location: "@apps.tk-nuke-quickreview.location" in all the config files? What should I change it to?



Hey @benwall,

You’re on the right track, but we just need to add a couple more things to the tk-nuke.yml as we have created a new settings file.

You have the hook location correct and the structure of the tk-nuke-quickreview.yml, but because this is a new setting file, we need to add it to the tk-nuke.yml settings file by adding it to the “Includes” section at the top;

- ../app_locations.yml
- ../engine_locations.yml
- ./tk-hiero-export.yml
- ./tk-multi-breakdown.yml
- ./tk-multi-loader2.yml
- ./tk-multi-publish2.yml
- ./tk-multi-reviewsubmission.yml
- ./tk-multi-screeningroom.yml
- ./tk-multi-shotgunpanel.yml
- ./tk-multi-snapshot.yml
- ./tk-multi-workfiles2.yml
- ./tk-nuke-writenode.yml
- ./tk-nuke-quickreview.yml

And change the location for your shot step environment (or whichever environment you are working with) by changing it to point at the new settings file with tk-nuke-quickreview: "@settings.tk-nuke-quickreview";

# shot_step
      location: "@apps.tk-multi-about.location"
      location: "@apps.tk-multi-breakdown.location"
      location: "@apps.tk-multi-setframerange.location"
    tk-multi-loader2: "@settings.tk-multi-loader2.nuke"
    tk-multi-publish2: "@settings.tk-multi-publish2.nuke.shot_step"
    tk-multi-reviewsubmission: "@settings.tk-multi-reviewsubmission.nuke.shot"
    tk-multi-screeningroom: "@settings.tk-multi-screeningroom.rv"
    tk-multi-shotgunpanel: "@settings.tk-multi-shotgunpanel.nuke"
    tk-multi-snapshot: "@settings.tk-multi-snapshot.nuke.shot_step"
    tk-multi-workfiles2: "@settings.tk-multi-workfiles2.nuke.shot_step"
    tk-nuke-quickreview: "@settings.tk-nuke-quickreview"
    tk-nuke-writenode: "@settings.tk-nuke-writenode.shot"
  - {app_instance: tk-multi-workfiles2, name: File Open...}
  - {app_instance: tk-multi-snapshot, name: Snapshot...}
  - {app_instance: tk-multi-workfiles2, name: File Save...}
  - {app_instance: tk-multi-publish2, name: Publish...}
  location: "@engines.tk-nuke.location"

Now the nuke engine will know to look for custom settings and therefore find the custom hook.

Let me know if you have further questions;



Thanks a lot David, that did the trick!

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between settings.tk-nuke.shot_step and settings.tk-nuke.shot_step ? When is the shot environment loaded?

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Hey @benwall,

Think there may be a typo there? Both are the same string.

I’ll guess you are asking about the shot_step part, it is just the section that is referenced by the shot_step.yml env, if you have a look in there you can see that thats where the referencing begins;

Let me know if that was what you were getting at.


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Hey David, sorry for the typo.
I was asking about shot and shot_step

Hey @benwall,

It’s just to do with matching what you had written on the settings header, I probably should have made it all shot_step, but I copy pasted from somewhere else and didn’t change it so I was stuck with that name. They just have to match what the thing is titled.

Adding a . notation allows you to split up a settings file, say if you wanted asset and shot tyo get different parameters from the same setting, you can do that with the . notation.


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Okay, thanks for the clarification!

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