I’m going through and updating components in my config and I have entries for shotgun utils v4 and v5.

Is the v4 framework still used for anything or is that just hanging around from an older version of the config?

Can I just remove it?


Just saw this hadn’t been responded to, sorry about that!
I believe if you are up to date with all your components and engines then it shouldn’t be required, since we didn’t port v4 to Python 3, and I know we updated some apps to using v5 as part of the Python 3 port.
However, it does look like we still include it in our default2 config. I’ll check with the team to see if we can remove it.

I also had tk-framework-widget v0.2.x and v1.x.x
I just pointed the v0.2.x to use v1.0.0
There doesn’t seem to be any issues with that.