Removal of `tk-3dsmaxplus` from configurations on September 1st, 2021

Hi everyone,

We will soon remove the tk-3dsmaxplus engine from tk-config-basic and tk-config-default2. If your team has already switched to using the tk-3dsmax engine, you’re can stop reading now.

As we announced early last year (back when lock downs started :scream:!), tk-3dsmaxplus has been deprecated in favor of the tk-3dsmax engine, which uses the newer and Python 3 compatible pymxs API. Some time after September 1st 2021, that engine and all its configuration settings will be removed from our configurations. If you want to keep using that incarnation of our 3ds Max support and are letting Toolkit auto-update your configurations, you will need to lock your project configuration to avoid being auto-updated some time after we remove support entirely.

We wrote a detailed migration guide to help you updating to tk-3dsmax.


The Shotgun Ecosystem Team