The version's frame range doesn't fit with the range of the cut

Hello dear colleagues,

I am in the production side and I am trying to use Shot grid in order to follow up on all the vfx shots coming from different vendors. I am having troubles with the Cuts option in Short Grid. I’ve been following all the steps for generating a right EDL but still doesn’t work.

When we upload an EDL and a Quick Time, it correctly detects which shots are vfx, which are new or unknown but when we play the Cut, this warning appears:

The version’s frame range [0-124] doesn’t fit with the range of the cut [1085592 - 1085659]

We found that this warning disappears by copying the number of frames that appears on the warning [1085592 - 1085659] and pasting it in the First Frame and Last Frame columns of the Versions page, in their respective versions. Of course, the issue is that it is not very agile or comfortable to do this way and there must be some way to automate it, but we are not finding what it is.

Hope you can bring some light to our doubt,

Thanks so much in advance!!


this has to do with several things.

The first is the timecode start of each individual clip in your timeline and what frame number that should be.

For example, if you have a clip in the timeline and it is a vfx shot then you could set the timecode start for that clip to match frame 1001. At 25 fps the timecode start for frame 1001 is 00:00:00:40:01.

That should allow Import Cut to recognize each clip with the correct start frame.