Shotgrid Create ignoring Cut in and out

Hi, first time post here. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out with a tricky little issue I’m seeing. I’m testing out Shotgrid Create and came across what looks to be a possible bug. I have three test shots with handles, 6 frames on either side. I have setup a cut that trims off the head and the tail. If I launch the cut in Screening Room for RV it respects the cut and plays back perfectly. If I bring up the cut in Shotgrid Create, it only respects the cut length but not the cut in and out. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the issue. The cut should start at frame 1007 but as you can see in the image, even though the cut in and cut out are set, it starts playback at frame 1001. Thanks for any help and I’m happy to clarify where needed.