Tasks update made easy... actually not :(

Hi all,

since monday and that update:

it was supposed to be easier to update Tasks and Task templates.
I have to say I was rather excited by this update, as it is quite a pain to do such operations - not even talking of the risks of taking the whole prod down if you make a mistake.
Anyway, I had a use case this morning with an update in my dependencies: I want my FX to depend on my Animation.
I first update my Task_template then try to update all my Shots.
I go to my Shot page, select my Shots and right-click on the Task_template -> ‘edit Task template on the selected’, as usual.
The new UI is pretty nice, and I notice the promising ‘Reapply’ button on the right bottom. I click on this, it runs and… no dependency update appear on my Shots, even after a page refresh.
Ok then, let’s try the old way.
I go to my test Shots, select them and choose ‘No template’ in the new UI.
I apply, it asks me if I want to send all my existing Tasks to thrash - nope, I just want to update them!
So I keep the Tasks, and reapply the previous template the same way.
And there we are : I have all my Shot Tasks duplicated, the new FX Tasks having the dependency and the old ones not :frowning:

So I am a bit disappointed: the new update way does not do what I expect it to, and the old one does not work anymore. I have to update all my dependencies by hand for the existing Shots.

Could you please check this, or let me know what I did wrong?

Thanks a lot,


Hey @François_Touvet—thanks for giving the updates a try and making the post!

We flagged your question to the folks that were part of this update so they can chime in here. :slight_smile:


Hi @François_Touvet and thanks for your feedback!

This certainly sounds like an oversight on our part- reapplying should try to update linked tasks with updated dependencies. I’ll check in with the team and see if we missed something here.

The workaround you tried of unlinking the template and then applying a new one is deliberate- once you choose “no template” you’re effectively orphaning any tasks you don’t delete.


Hi Jack,

the workaround was the usual solution before this update, I had to try it but it makes sense it does not work anymore since the other way was supposed to update the Tasks.