Reapply a Task Template via the API

Is it possible (via the api) to reapply an entity’s task template after the template has been modified? I know this can be done via the web app, but I’d like to reapply my task template across the whole project.

I found this event daemon script for reapplying task templates, but it feels like overkill for what I’m trying to do.

Based on the code from the above script, it looks like they’ve rebuilt the “reapply” functionality from scratch.


I’m sure there is a way to do so via the API based on creation/deletion/editing of tasks, but specifically referring to this line: “I’d like to reapply my task template across the whole project”- you can re-apply task templates project-wide by navigating to the Task Template page, right clicking the task template, and clicking “Reapply to project…” instead of needing to do so by querying for the assets/shots to reapply to in the project itself. You may already be aware of this and looking for a way to do so automatically, but just some potentially useful info in case you weren’t aware!

Do you mean you want to remove and re-create the tasks it has generated?